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Basic Components
Shelf Size=
depth of shelf contents x (wdith of shelf contents +2-1/2") + access
Post Height=
(height of contents + 1-1/4" + access) x number of openings = base height

Floor bases, sway braces, and back and side panels are determined by shelf and post sizes. Allow "access" clearance on width and height for retrievable purposes.

Back panels and intermediate or end of row side panels are elective components. They offer aesthetic and functional benefits, while eliminating the requirement for supporting sway braces.


18 ga. Class 1 (furniture quality) cold rolled steel
Standard shelf= 1-1/4" face; triple flanged on 4 sides, mounting holes on 4 sides.
Optional space-saver shelf: 3/8" (.375") face beaded front and/or rear flange.

Perforations (1" on center) for dividers, vertical wire separators, corner support brackets
Center stop (for double entry shelves)

Depth and/or Width:
18 gauge
Standard: 5" - 48", 1" increments
Custom: 3" - 81", 1/4" increments
Note: Beaded shelves - 51" max. width


1.25" x 1.25" Mill rolled rail steel, 1/8" (.125") min. thickness. (Below 99" - 11 ga.)
5/16" round holes on 1" centers
Radiused edges, not sheared edges.

Pilaster facades (post covers)

Standard: 75" - 147", 12" increments
Custom: 3" - 26'-0", 1" increments

Floor Bases

Class 1 steel - same as shelves.
Flush front or recessed toe space, floor level conceal strip
Reinforces bottom shelf front.

All shelf widths
18 gauge
Height: 1-3/4" - 59-3/4", 1" increments

Solid Back and Side Panels

Class 1 steel - same as shelves, 22 gauge
Panels eliminate requirements for sway bracing
Side panels perforated on 2" vertical centers, one piece heights to 99"
Back panels perforated on 1" vertical centers, one-piece heights to 99"

Expanded Metal/Open Mesh Panels

22 gauge
Standard: 9" - 48", 1" increments
Custom: 3" - 81", 1/4" increments

Sway Braces

11 ga. Mill edged strip steel, hot rolled 3/8" no-slip round mounting holes
28" H. vertical span (independent of shelf size).
Required in lieu of back and side panels

Concealed corner brackets replace sway braces, allows double entry access.

All shelf widths
11 gauge
Standard: 9" - 48", 1" increments


Once the basic structure is constrained, the various components in this group are added to augment functionality. Accessory elements can be implicit for certain applications: countertops for work surfaces or reinforcements for heavy loads; or simple beneficial "add-ons" like label holders or reference shelves.

Pre-fabricated or custom installed work surfaces. Plastic laminate or tempered masonite on wood core. Supported by counters, legs, wall cleats. Can include backsplashes, cutouts, lips, special shapes/cross sections.
Any Size or Shape
1/2" -3"


Independently installed door assemblies:

Type 1: Steel double-doors, locking handles
Type 2: Sliding steel double doors

Type 1:
Width- 36"
Height- 72", 84"
20 gauge
Type 2:
Width- 72", 84"
Height- 84"
Type 3:

Plastic Laminate/Wood Doors

Any height, any size opening

Label Holders
Insert card type, welded (or bolted) to shelf fronts, 1-1/8" H.
All shelf widths
26 gauge


1/8" (.125") mill rolled rail steel
Increase shelf weight capacity
Front, rear, side and/or transverse installation
Consult your RTI representative for additional specifications

Front and side ledge supports
Pan (channel) reinforcement (to reduce vibration)

All shelf widths



These are a class of components, much like accessories, which offers unique advantages in the storage of specific commodities. Unlike accessories, shelf and post sizes can be dictated by the particular organizers employed.

Shelf Dividers

Type 1: Solid Bolt-in Dividers (fixed)*
22 gauge <16" H., 18 gauge >16"H.
3/8" rolled front edge, movable with tools
Full shelf depth, full opening height.

All shelf depths
Height: 2" - 51", 1" incr.
18 gauge

Type 2: Vertical Wire Separators (fixed)*
5/16" bright wire rods, installed in pairs
Recessed 1" from front and rear of shelf

Option: Multiple center rods for greater shelf depths

All post heights to 123"
Type 3: Movable Clip-On Dividers
Rear stabilizing shelf flange
Full shelf depth, full opening height
All shelf depths to 30"
All opening heights to 24"
18 gauge
Type 4: Movable Magnetic Dividers
Inverted "T" construction, 4" wide strip magnets
Full shelf depth, full opening height
All shelf depths to 60"
All opening heights to 24"
18 gauge
*Note: Requires perforated shelves
Mail Sorters

Type 1: Independently removable/adjustable insert shelves with rear retaining lip, 1"o.c.min., 1/2" front flange.

Type 1:
Width- to 60"
Height- to 99"
18 gauge
Type 2:
Width- to 51"
Any Height


Trim Components

All items in this group relate primarily to adapting the aesthetic appearance of the shelving system. Flush side inserts, in addition to enhancing appearance, also offer the functional benefits of eliminating loss of access behind post recesses. As with the other groups, the range of sizes and finishes presents an unlimited flexibility in determining your ultimate installation.

Pilaster Facades
Steel, hardwood, or laminate post covers
One-piece heights to 123"
Corner or double-wide cross section
6" - 123", 1" incr.
22 gauge

Flush Side Inserts
Eliminates recess behind posts, provides flush interior finish.
1-1/8" channel cross section
Full shelf depth, full opening height
Pressure fit into post recesses
All shelf/opening sizes
22 gauge

End Panels
Single or double-wide, can "wrap around with hardwood pilaster facade
All shelf depths to 60"
All shelf heights to 120"

Shelf Fronts
Horizontal trim strips applied to shelf face
Coordinates with laminates or hardwood pilaster facades
All shelf widths x 1-1/4" high

Base Molding
Floor trim level strip
Coordinates with shelf fronts
All shelf width
All base heights

Top trim strip, provides canopy top or flush-to-ceiling finish
Coordinates with shelf front
Continuous width to 120"


Special Services

Custom Construction

Fabricated, separate sourced, or modified components or assemblies to satisfy a specialized requirement.

Not limited to:

Lockers • Film/Media Racks • Wire Security Partitions • X-ray Shelving
Stainless / Plated Shelving • Rolling Staircases • Pallet/Bulk Racks
Rolling Equipment

Consult your RTI representative.


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